Off the Set: Porn Stars and Their Partners is a book of fine-art documentary photos and essays that explore the real-life romantic relationships of ten couples who perform in porn. Published in April 2010 by Aural Pink Press, New York.

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Along with his sociologist partner Pauline, Paul Sarkis spent five years behind the scenes of the porn industry. What they discovered was not a collection of people whose work as porn performers reduced them to damaged, jaded victims who need to be rescued and rehabilitated. Instead, they found a group of acutely self-aware individuals who, along with their partners, embrace their choices to work in porn and thrive on their romantic relationships. Much as if you were permitted to peer into their private journals, this collection of photos aspires to reveal their vulnerability and, most of all, their humanity. The book also features a foreword written by sex educator Tristan Taormino, and several essays on the realities of relationships for porn performers written by the stars themselves.

Photos from Off the Set have been widely published and exhibited internationally. Most recently, in fall 2013 the book was featured in a German television documentary titled Unter Fremden Decken (Under Foreign Covers), as part of a story exploring the lives of American sex workers.

Off the Set is available for purchase at many independent booksellers in the US and Europe, and online via Amazon.